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Concrete Coatings by a Company the Experts Trust!

Let Allied Outdoor Solutions 'beautify your concrete' while enhancing your home's value!

Reviews We treat your home project with the utmost care and attention, as we would treat our own home projects. Allied Outdoor Solutions is committed to giving you the best possible results. Each job is carved, colored and grouted by hand. No tape, stencils or stones!

Many people believe that a stone driveway, patio or pool deck requires messy tear-out, lengthy and invasive construction, and more money than they are able or willing to spend. But with Allied Outdoor Solutions, you can get the look and feel of real stone at a price you'll love.

We service the areas of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Ft. Worth. We are a proud Texas family owned company. Call us today for a free in home estimate.


Carvestone is the perfect solution for resurfacing walkways,driveways, pool decks, and patios. - Randy Lemmon;  The GardenLine Radio Show

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Our driveways are durable and time-tested. Choose your own stone pattern for a look that is sure to impress the neighbors.

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Outdoor Patios

Make your friends' first impression of your home be its best. We can revitalize your front patio with no messy tear-out.

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Pool Decks

Our product works great with the sun and the water. It's cool under the feet and non-slippery -- perfect for your pool.

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In combination with your driveway or patio project, your front walkway can have special impact with a real stone look.

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Stamped Concrete and Carvestone in Houston

If you are seeking a home improvement project that will add to your home's curb appeal, choose Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions as it is far superior in durability, look, and feel to stamped concrete. For Houston homes, Carvestone has proven to be more effective and longer lasting than stamped concrete or spray-ons. It is also twice as strong, with a 5800 PSI rating. For driveways, patios or pool decks, you can avoid the pitfalls of stamped concrete in Houston by choosing Carvestone, a more beautiful and durable solution.

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Concrete Coating for Patios in Austin

Concrete coating for Houston homeowners can involve some very important decisions. It is important to speak with someone who understands correct substrate preparation that will allow you to avoid added expense and hassle down the road. Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions is a better option than either messy, slippery stamped concrete, or a cheap spray-on concrete coating. Houston homes should have something that will withstand the abuse dished out by the weather, heavy vehicles, foundation issues and more. Carvestone is twice as strong as stamped concrete and spray on decks, can be customized to fit your specifications, and involves no messy tear outs.

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Concrete Coatings for Driveways, Pool Decks and Patios in Dallas-Ft. Worth

If you are seeking the most durable and beautiful concrete coatings in Houston for your driveway, pool deck or outdoor patio, choose Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions. It is the ultimate value option for concrete coatings in Houston and is much more durable than stamped concrete or spray-on coatings. Plus, we can customize Carvestone to fit the scheme of your outdoor living area. Our experts have the craftsmanship and experience ensure your surface is carved and colored to your liking. Concrete coatings for Houston homes should both add value to your home and be long lasting. Carvestone offers both and much more!

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Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in San Antonio

When pool decks, patios, and driveways start to show signs of age, it is very customary for homeowners to add to their curb appeal with a concrete overlay. For Houston homes, the best choice for this kind of project is Carvestone. Allied Outdoor Solutions can perform a Carvestone installation that will add beauty to your home for many years. Plus, you do not have to deal with a messy tear out. A concrete overlay project with a less durable product such as concrete or a spray-on will not look good for more than a few years and, in every case, cannot be 100 percent customized. Carvestone has stood the test of time and is the best solution and the best value for your home. A a concrete overlay for Houston homes should involve adding value to your home, not wasting money on short term solutions, which makes Carvestone a no brainer.

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